ZOTAC’s quality GTX graphics cards have greatly improved in their performance and efficiency. ZOTAC made a stand as they proudly released their GTX 580, putting themselves on top of benchmarks since the GeForce GTX 480, which at one point was renowned in the industry. However, ZOTAC have push the bar even higher with the GTX 580’s big brother; the ZOTAC GTX 580 3GB AMP2 Edition which boasts a great performance boost over the normal GTX 580. The previous GTX 580 model runs at 772MHz, with a shader clock of 1544MHz ; but now the monstrous ZOTAC GTX 580 3GB AMP2 runs at 815MHz and the shader clock to 1630MHz.

This latest edition to the GTX family which features the GF110 core, is compacted with over 3 billion transistors, which are sealed with the nickel plated copper heatspreader, to provide overclocker’s with safe and sufficient cooling.

“ZOTAC provides you with the world’s fastest graphics processor for a phenomenal gaming experience with the ZOTAC® GeForce® GTX 580 3GB AMP2 Edition graphics card. The ZOTAC® GeForce® GTX 580 3GB AMP2 graphics card takes gaming to unmatched levels of immersion with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology for cinematic stereoscopic 3D visuals when paired with 3D Vision™ compatible hardware and 3D-capable displays for a surreal gaming experience.

NVIDIA® PhysX® technology enables greater in-game realism for more dynamic and realistic interaction in supported titles with the ZOTAC® GeForce® GTX 580 3GB AMP2 graphics card. NVIDIA® SLI™ and 3D Vision™ Surround readiness enables up to three ZOTAC® GeForce® GTX 580 3GB AMP2 graphics cards”

Let us proceed and take a look at what sort of potential the ZOTAC® GeForce® GTX 580 3GB AMP2 Edition hold for us extreme gaming enthusiasts...



Model                                       ZT-50102-10P


Interface                                   PCI Express 2.0 x16 (Compatible with 1.1)


Chipset Manufacturer                  NVIDIA®

GPU                                         GeForce® GTX 580

Core clock                                 815 MHz

Stream Processors                      512

Shader Clock                             1630 MHz


Memory Clock                            4100 MHz

Memory Size                              1536 MB

Memory Interface                       384-bit

Memory Type                             GDDR5


DirectX                                       DirectX 11

OpenGL                                     OpenGL 4.2


DVI                                           DVI

HDMI                                        1 (mini-HDMI)

DisplayPort                                 N/A

VGA                                          (With included DVI-to-VGA adapter)


Tuner                                        None

RAMDAC                                    400 MHz

Max Resolution                          2560 x 1600

RoHS Compliant                         Yes

SLI Supported                            Yes (3-way)

Cooler                                       With fan (dual-slot)

Dual-Link DVI Supported              Yes

Windows Vista                             Certified for Windows® 7 with DirectCompute support


• Unprecedented performance
• Unmatched clock speeds
• Hand-picked for high-performance
• Superior board quality
• High-quality multi-layer PCB
• Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for superior reliability
• ZOTAC FireStorm overclocking software
• NVIDIA CUDA, PhysX and PureVideo HD technologies
• Flexible connectivity 
• S/PDIF Audio input
• DVI/HDMI output with audio
• Dual-link DVI for extreme high-definition gaming


Established in 2006, ZOTAC is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of graphics cards, mini-ITX motherboards and mini-PCs. ZOTAC system components, and mini-PCs can be found in all continents around the globe.Derived from the terms “zone,” for being distinct in the PC components and systems business, and “tact,” for our superior skill, experience, quality and manufacturing capabilities. Combined, “ZOTAC,” represents technological strength and experience blended with a fresh approach on the industry’s ever-changing needs.

ZOTAC entered the market with an expanded lineup of NVIDIA® GeForce® based graphics cards, which included the passive-cooled ZOTAC GeForce® ZONE Editions and class leading overclocked ZOTAC GeForce® AMP! Editions, in addition to the standard GeForce® series lineup. ZOTAC has since expanded its focus to include motherboards, mini-PCs and innovative accessories worldwide.

Needless to say, ZOTAC is the right choice for high-quality and high-performance components with exceptional value.

AMP Edition

Amplify your gaming experience with the highly tuned ZOTAC GeForce AMP! Edition graphics cards. Too much is never enough when it comes to 3D performance. The ZOTAC AMP! Edition graphics cards start where the ZOTAC GeForce-series leaves off. Starting with a ZOTAC GeForce-series as the baseline, ZOTAC AMP! Editions go through rigorous tweaking and tuning to extract additional performance from the GeForce graphics processors, yielding unprecedented performance in its class. Expect nothing but the best gaming experience with the ZOTAC GeForce AMP! Edition graphics cards.