The GTX 580 a good looking card with the orange and black theme colours applied, with that big metal winged logo. The ZOTAC GTX 580 AMP2 is 265mm long and is 55mm high and, so it will extend over the motherboard slight on a normal ATX. The card looks monstrous and I am sure that performance will follow.

Taking a look at the GTX 580 up close and personal, we can see how ZOTAC have implemented some serious cooling capabilities with the very large cooler applied to the processor, also with the dual turbine VGA fan the motherboard should get some great airflow intake hitting that black “farm” like heatsink running along the base of the cards board.

The black frame of the cooler is made of a very thin black aluminium. There’s no doubt that this aluminium will last longer and stay intact more than plastic, however due to how thin the metal is, it seems it can over rattle on occasions where the GPU is under a high load. Although this could be a random occurrence for us, as we use samples that are passed around to reviewers many times over. Plastic may have not been used due to the very hot heat exhaustion that comes from the card. The frame has the ZOTAC name on it but in fact the cooling system is designed by Zalman, as the name VF3000 marks its territory here.

The cooling is made up off a copper based heatsink with 5 x 6mm heatpipes, which run right through both sides of the aluminium fin array. Unfortunately, the black heatsink applied to the board doesn’t have any direct cooling via fans above it, so it can get extremely hot around the product, it certainly need to be integrated with additional cooling in the centre to cover this area.

You will notice at the far right –the end- of the GTX 580 AMP2 that it uses one 6-pin and a 8-pin connector, of which is supplied to you with the card which are adapters rooting to 2 x molex for the 6-pin and the 8-pin port on the card is routed to 2 x 6-pin connectors. So to say the least, quite a bit of power is being supplied and is ready for the load demand, and also any high overclock utilised.

The I/O panel consists of two DVI ports and one mini HDMI port featuring the latest 1.4 w/audio. Through these ports the ZOTAC GTX 580 3GB AMP2 is capable of a max resolution of 2560x1600.

The cards SLI tabs at the bottom support SLI, TRI-SLI and QUAD SLI, but make sure that your motherboard can utilise these features. On the far left there is a soldered in CHiL CHL 8266 voltage controller chip, this enables the voltage control and monitoring of the card so overclockers can use the ZOTAC “FireStorm” overclocking software - which you will see on the next page – to achieve a good overclock.