The Zotac GTX 580 AMP2 Edition graphics card was a great all round performer. The testing started at the temperature reading, the card produced very low temperatures even on a very heavy load, and this will be due to the extremely large cooling system the GTX 580 has been fitted with. The GPU has two cooling systems; due to the cards processing boards silent cooling block, secured onto the board, the GPU may not last as long as other card below its series as the block gets almost burning to the touch. This may also be a reason why the card cannot be overclocked to a much higher standard.

The GTX 580 AMP2 blasts out some very impressive frame per second. As you may well know, the average gamer generally uses a 1680 x 1050 resolution screen, with this GPU equipped into your system it will turbo nitros boost your gaming experience with a FPS surpassing 100FPS on a single screen. For those of you who have a higher resolution screen, no need to worry as the FPS still easily beats the FPS rates of the high-end ATI Radeon HD 6*** series 2GB, however the GTX 580 AMP2 is a 3GB unit so it does have a slight advantage, but it still retains its high prestigious grip on gaming.


The price tag on one of these bad boys is around £550/$872, so you are going to have to save up big time for quite a few months for the average user before you can afford this. Is it worth it? Well this kind of high-end card it created for gaming enthusiasts that don’t mind slashing out that amount of money for the extra performance, and extra performance it definitely offers you. I would say the price could be cut down slightly, so enthusiast gamers have more of a chance to buy two GTX 580 AMP2’s and SLI them up.

We are awarding the following mark because of the shear performance alone, as the cost in time will slowly go down.


HardwareLOOK awards the ZOTAC GTX 580 3GB AMP2 a 10/10 Gold Award.