Zalman F1 Series SSD Introduction

We are all curious as to what 2.5” SATA 6 SSD to buy, as there are so many choices on the market. The Zalman F1 Series 120GB SSD that we have here for review for you today, is one of the latest SandForce controlled Solid State Drive and specifically used the SF-2281 controller.

Many users would be suspicious about buying a brand new SSD, or their first ever SSD from a company that are renowned in the industry for cooling, and more recently getting popular with their gaming cases. No other brands such as Antec and Coolermaster have branched out with this strategy and taking on top brands such as OCZ, Samsung, Corsair and more in this specific field. However, Zalman are currently pushing themselves to provide a wide range of products in the component spectrum, as they also are getting stuck in with the production of their own graphics cards, even models in the new ATI Radeon HD 7000 series.

Why Should I trust a Zalman SSD?

You shouldn’t have any hesitation about purchasing the Zalman F1 Series SSD because fortunately for companies such as Zalman, it is a lot easier than you may think to become a SSD manufacture these days. This is thanks to the SATA III next-generation SSD controllers featuring a multitude of flash based memory which is easy enough to customize for the manufacturer, and also because most mainstream SSD’s now feature a already fully installed controller platform for an SSD to be built around. Also due to the platforms all being the framed on the same reliable reference PCB and firmware, companies who wish to get involved in the Solid State Drive market now have no need to spend money on qualified developers, engineers and programmers. All you need is an assembly line work force to put the SSD’s together in a factory.

The same process is also now applied to graphics cards as well, but even similar than SSD’s. Now, due to graphics cards being based on a generic reference design because fewer onboard chips and soldered components to PCBs are used, Graphics card manufacturing is just as simple. So don’t be afraid about buying a Zalman GPU either.

However, testing for each SSD is always a requirement, and due to the usual and unspecific manufacturing techniques stated above, we expect average performance from the Zalman F1. But let’s not speak too soon, and check it out for ourselves.