Thermaltake have joined BMW Group yet again to produce a visual stunning and innovative gaming mouse. The Tt Level 10 gaming mouse is beautiful and of infinitely cool design, this being obvious as Thermaltake only assign the prestigious Level 10 name to only their most proud products, and those of BMW Groups fashionable design.

The Level 10 gaming mouse is one of a kind, and easily stands out among the rest of the mice on the market. It has a super high DPI level, fit for quad monitor setup. The mouse is packed with features and including the software to customize the device, and the best 3D adjustable design to customize a mouse for a user ever made. As you would imagine all this style, class and performance comes at a price, which is quite expensive for a mouse. We are here to find out whether the high price mark makes the mouse worth the buy. Let’s find out.




Diamond Black 
Iron White
Military Green
Blazing Red



Sensor Type


No. of Buttons


Game Genre


Memory Size


No. of Macro Keys


No. of Game Profiles


Lighting Effect


Pause-Break Effect


Color Options


USB cable length


Weight-In Design


Graphical UI


Industrial Rubber-Coating




Gold-Platted USB



147 x 67.5 x 38.8 mm




The Level 10 mouse comes in some stylish packaging with its features across the back. Removing the sleeve we find the box is sealed with a sticker and opens up stylishly with two doors, revealing the amazing mouse and under that the bundle that comes with it. The bundle includes:

  • Software CD
  • Mouse carry sleeve
  • Warranty
  • 3 x Thermaltake post cards (for some weird reason)
  • 1 x Allen Key


Now, let’s take about that Allen key for a moment, as it’s a very important feature to the mouse. This little Allen key is used to adjust the two Allen bolt on the mouse (that right it has Allen bolts). This is a very unique feature to have included. you may wonder why Allen bolt have been used instead of plastic thumb screws, as Allen bolt are metal and add weight. Well, it’s because the mouse is adjust via strong tight springs, as its build quality is second to none. As far as weight goes, it doesn’t affect movement of the mouse of make it extraordinarily heavy at all, in-fact the mouse moves great, but more on that later. Also the bolts are built in with the mouse and there’s no room for your fingers to twist thumb screws. It’s a great feature and add an exclusive feel to the product, which you want if you can afford the Level 10 mouse. 

Design concept

The concept is inspired by the attention of gamers to expensive, top performance professional gaming mouse and their exquisite taste and appreciation for Level 10 aesthetics. By transferring the previous design success of the Level 10 chassis onto gaming peripheral, Level 10 M Gaming Mouse is the first Level 10 gaming peripheral product aiming to extend the Level 10 experience to directly interact with the users. Its emotional design strongly enhances the overall gaming excitement, and that design serves as the agent between gamer and the game, functions as the experience itself.