The TL-1 Tube Amplifier from Streacom, cost a lot less than other tube valve amplifiers on the market, such as amps that higher –end models that can cost around £2500 for a decent one. However, does the aesthetics come with this cheap price? The TL-1 amp is coated in a matt black finish and is designed to not be outrageously flash with over exaggerated edges and shiny surfaces coming from here there and everywhere. Streacom have clearly focused on the performance that it can deliver over a more costly design. The Streacom TL-1 seems to be an under the radar unit, that deserves more coverage.

A real audiophile will appreciate that sound systems should be quality over quantity! Yes, the Streacom TL-1 is not significantly loud, however, what it can deliver, it delivers with perfection. In terms of target market, we feel the TL-1 is ideally suited for home studio applications, recording studios and home theatres, and not for high-end DJ system rigs, as it can’t produce the volume they might require.

With regards to its price range, you can’t argue with the price tag at a mere £199. Tube amplifiers are an amazing piece of technology, still outperforming today’s solid state amplifiers; Thankfully, Streacom have done justice to this classic technology, reinventing it in to something visually sleek and refined, whilst retaining all of its original audio elegance.

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HardwareLOOK awards the Streacom TL-1 Tube Amplifier a 9/10 Silver Award.