96GB SSDNow V+100

You can go on the internet and buy a standalone SSD drive, but more commonly you will receive if you buy brand new, a bundle kit like we have for you today. Your package comes in a small well packaged box at 162mm 172mm (HxW).


The packaging is very bold on Kingston’s box, letting you clearly know with one glance what it is, the size, and that it is a full bundle kit. It clearly states its read/write speeds below the bold 96 GB title. Also at the top right it’s tells you in short why this product is one of the best types of tech.


The back of the box doesn’t have too much on it apart from at the bottom of the box where it gives you what is includes with the performance upgrade kit.


All of the components inside the box were packaged very well and no scissors were needed to open that horrible clear plastic packaging you normally have to deal with. There is absolutely no risk of damaging your products during the un-boxing process. The top just simply lifts up and you take out your goods. Excellent packaging by Kingston.


The contents of the 96GB SSDNow V+100 SATA 2 2.5 Upgrade Bundle Kit includes:

  • SSDNow drive (x1)
  • 2.5" to 3.5" desktop mounting brackets (x2)
  • 6/32" pan head screws (x4)
  • M3 flat head screws (x4)
  • SATA power adapter (x1)
  • SATA data cable (x1)
  • external drive enclosure (x1)
  • USB cable (x1)
  • Cloning software CD (x1)


The 96GB SSDNow V+100 SATA 2 2.5 Upgrade Bundle Kit has a 3 year warranty. Kingston provide a live 24/7 tech support for this product.

This is the SSD enclosure that comes in your kit. It is easy to install the drive in, simply place and push and it slots in perfectly. Lock the case and plug the USB cable in and away you go. Couldn’t be more simple for portable use.