Samsung TA950 HDTV 3D Monitor

Continuing with further Samsung product reviews, today we have one of the most watched and wanted computer monitors on the market, the Samsung TA950 HDTV 3D Monitor. The Samsung TA950 is technically a monitor due to its marketed name, but would suit anybody looking for a 27” full HD 1080p display, with a shockingly clear, crisp and bright colour contrast ratio. Along with its spectacular design and Ultra-thin LED display, this HDTV monitor is ideal for ever consumers looking to buy a new gaming and multimedia monitor or small TV.


Normal with computer monitors we wouldn’t bother talking about the design aspect, as most monitors are very plain, boring and have nothing interesting about them. However in typical Samsung fashion, the Korean company has set out to change that and has built a very attractive, ultra-thin and ultra stylish monitor, that looks like it’s floating as the curved sub-stand which is made of very strong steel, making the screen stable and unmoveable, not even so much as a wobble is able to be achieved. The black shiny curve houses a touch menu which features buttons such as arrows and select and the 3D button, to instantly change the monitor to 3D mode. I don’t think anyone could say they don’t find this ultra-thin monitor to be the best and most appealing design on the market . The Samsung TA950 is a marvellous screen to set yours sights on, and will make your desk look extremely classy and ultimately stylish.

Here you can see Avatar being played on Blu-Ray; it is hard to get a great visual of exactly how thin the screen is, but I can tell you the Samsung TA950 has such a thin trim around the screen and makes whatever you are watching or playing look spectacular, as you forget it’s a monitor and start viewing it as a floating display. All in all, the design is beautiful, and apart from the 1080p format, the design would entice me alone to buy the TA950; let alone all its interface features.


TA950 Ports

The TA950 has loads of ports to enable a wide range of connectivity. The Samsung TA950 has been fitted with wireless adapter port, this is so you can connect your wireless dongle and engage all of your wireless multimedia devices to communicate with your TA950 HDTV monitor. This allows you to wirelessly stream across all your content from other devices using the Samsung built-in AllShare. Everything from movies, pictures and music files can be wirelessly streamed onto your monitor without any hassle.

The base and back of the monitor is covered with brushed shiny aluminium to give an elegant and sophisticated appeal.

The various input support includes 2 HDMI, composite, component, and 2 USB inputs. This means that devices such as laptops, PCs, DVD and Blu-ray players and games consoles can easily connect directly to your HDTV monitor.


Included with the Samsung TA950 HDTV Monitor are the remote and the Samsung 3D Glasses. If you are unfamiliar with consumer 3D glasses, then you should know that these glasses have a power button on the top which allows for the glasses to turn your monitor to 3D in your eyes, after you have switched to 3D on the monitor. The glasses are very comfortable and will fit on anybody’s head.

The remote has buttons to make controlling and navigating quick, such as the 3D, social, and Smart hub buttons. In my experience the remote was bad for signal, it is one of those remotes where you must aim with a 2mm accuracy at the signal receiver on the TV.