After using the Samsung Chromebook for a week, downloading app and surfing the net, I found that the Chromebook was a useful tool to have around for quickly accessing the internet and just all round “Googling”. The Chromebook looks great and its simple design layout is very attractive.

While using it I found accessing game apps quite slow, and a few different Google developer  apps on the market didn’t work with the updated OS. The main thing to always keep in mind with this system is that its main purpose is purely to surf the world wide web and store your documents on cloud creating an easy and safe security system for important files. The Samsung Chromebook could be a very useful tool for the travelling businessman.

However, I personally feel that the Samsung pricing it at £350 and $450 in the US is too high for what you are essentially getting. Of course you are getting cloud storage and the ability to access your files anywhere, but isn’t that what  high –end Flash memory sticks are for? Apart from that fact you are essentially paying all that money for the free Google Chrome browser. Now, some people are always going to love the Chromebook and its concept and other always aren’t, that is the fact of this product, for those who argue against the above, the argument states that; why haven’t more people picked up the Chromebook? This is maybe because of the reason I have stated above.

Taking the price tag on the high-end netbook, its performance and user interface and overall its usability, alongside taking into account how good the product is compared to current netbooks on the market, we award the following.

HardwareLOOK awards the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 netbook an 8/10 Silver Award.