Plextor M3 128GB SSD Review

The Plextor M3 has made centre stage, as it is the first retail SSD that delivers 24nm flash is a accurate price tag within the SandForce range, while offering slightly better performance then other SandForce based 24nm flash due to its upgraded firmware.

The Plextor M3 inside technology features a PCB designed chip, which is a popular chip being sporting across many of the other SandForce based Solid State Drives, more specifically we know that the Corsair Performance Pro also features this chip, and that SSD runs at great speeds. The other tech involved in the design includes the Marvell 88SS9174-BKK2 flash processor unit, which is the programmable ARM based controller which allows you to improve performance in different areas of the drive using firmware. This BKK2 ARM based controller is a versatile product that can been see in many SSD devices.

As mentioned the M3 is the upgrade from the Plextor M2S which we reviewed. The M3 drive used newer 24nm Toshiba Toggle Mode flash as opposed to 32nm flash. While Plextor were waiting on the 24nm Toshiba Toggle Mode lost costing NAND flash to arrive last year, they worked on improving their firmware, of which you can see the results of that very well.

Samsung and Toshiba and currently leading the way into 2012 with SandForce based drives and as the market is always tight, we expect with the massive performance increase in the SandForce technology over the past two years that many other competitors will come out of the dark very soon to get  piece of the storage market pie.


Included with the Plextor M3 128GB version is the four screws for mounting the 2.5" form factor drive into a Plextor SSD 3.5" enclosure to fit into your chassis bay. You receive Arcronis True Image software disk with a disk cloning and backup utility. The Plextor M3 comes with a five-year warranty, which matches which is similar to what most brands are dishing out these days on Solid State Drives. Also included with the M3 is a USB 2.0 to four way USB 2.0 ports.