OCZ Vertex 4 Introduction

OCZ has had their flagship SSD, the Vertex 4, out for a few months now, and fortunately we are reviewing it today, which its upgraded firmware, which promises a much better improvement. OCZ released the Vertex 4 SSD in April and they did so ahead of schedule. The Vertex 4 is the first 2.5” SATA based SSD in a long while to not be using the popular SandForce controller. Is this because they have improved and advanced upon SandForce, well we will see.

OCZ have decided not to go with the usual LSI SandForce controller, and has swapped it out for their own Indilinx Everest 2. OCZ has been waiting for the opportunity to use their own technology inside their newest devices and make a big statement with it, and giving a alternative to the SandForce controller is definitely the way to do it, especially if it proves to be better. OCZ bought the company Indilinx a while ago, bringing them a huge technology advancement in the industry, as OCZ are already the top contender in SSD storage and performance. The Indilinx has already been seen in the Octane and slightly older Petrol series SSD’s, so we look forward to seeing the new firmware in the Vertex 4 SSD performance.

One of the big benefits to be aware of with the luxury of the Indilinx Everest 2 controller is the auto-encryption it comes with, the AES-256 support and the Redundant NAND Array technology included. This enables protection against such things as uncorrectable data and NAND flash failures, by striping it and applying data across multiple NAND cells, for automated backup and protection.

The results that the new OCZ Vertex 4 that we have revealed against some of the newest and top SSD products is astounding, there is a clear and impressive performance boost over all other 2.5” SSD’s on the market, now making the Vertex 4 the fastest consumer 2.5” SSD on the market, and lets see why...


OCZ Released a new firmware upgrade for the Vertex 4 which increased the performance very well to outperform many of its rivals. The first batch of Vertex 4 SSD’s that came out within the first two months did not have to upgraded firmware pre-installed, but the new batches are now shipped with firmware upgrade version 1.4. The firmware upgrade is also available from the OCZ website.