OCZ RevoDrive3 PCI-Express 120GB SSD Introduction

Solid Sate Drives are now becoming cheaper and more accessible to the general consumer and with the boost in sales companies are now able to upgrade the technology making SSD devices faster than ever. The SATA based SSD has been around for quite a few years now and as the technology advances and moves on we are now seeing more PCI-Express SSD cards being developed. One such card that is taking the making by storm is the OCZ RevoDrive3 PCI-E SSD, which is what we have to be reviewed for you today. The OCZ RevoDrive3 SSD races past the usual maxed out speeds that SandForce controller drives are able to achieve. As a single drive the RevoDrive3 towers above SATA3 ports running at a 6Gbps interface.

The OCZ RevoDrive3 takes hold of the two different technologies that the current SSD’s use on the market and combines them together using the Silicon Image RAID controller chip integrated into the card. When installing the card into your system you are able to achieve transfer speeds up to 540MBps read and 450MBps write (350MBps sustained write using Windows 7), which are achievable to any users and no BIOS editing is required. Performance speeds can vastly differ with the RevoDrive3 depending on what controller your motherboard uses, we are using the marvel controller which does seem to achieve quite as high speeds in Windows 7 64bit as say a SB850 or ICH10 controller chip.

One thing to note about the OCZ RevoDrive3 PCI-Express SSD is that it is not swappable between PC’s running different architecture, if attempted you will lose all of your data on the SSD. The OCZ RevoDrive3 PCI-Express 120GB SSD offers you supreme speeds surpassing SATA3 6Gbps devices in a easy plug and play solution.

Lets continue and see why the RevoDrive3 is one of the top storage contenders in the industry to this day...


About OZC

Founded in 2002, San Jose, California-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has built on its expertise in high-speed memory to become a dominant player in the manufacturing and distribution of solid state drives (SSDs), a disruptive, game-changing technology that is replacing traditional rotating magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs are faster, more reliable, run cooler, and use significantly less power than the HDDs used in the majority of computers today. In addition to SSD technology, OCZ also offers high performance components for computing devices and systems, including enterprise class power management products as well leading edge computer gaming solutions.

OCZ became a household name building DRAM modules for enthusiasts over the last few years, and has branched out its name to other products, including CPU coolers, power supplies and even a “touch less” game controller that uses facial movements and brainwaves as a game controller. Recently, however, they have moved from producing DRAM to focus their memory experience solely on building Solid State Drives.