If you are a media fanatic looking for the best device you can get for your home media centre then this probably isn’t the product for you, but, if you just want a device you can use a Networked media player then this device doesn’t do a lot wrong. It looks great, performs quickly and despite the nTV service not being quite what we had hoped for, does everything the competitors do just as well as they do it.

The lack of a HDMI cable or indeed any other cable other than the composite cable does seem to be a little astounding given that this is a product marketed mainly on its HD playback capabilities. But given the relatively low price tag of around £95 ( it is not surprising that this device doesn’t come with all the mod cons.

Given the lack of cables and the fact that the nTV service didn’t seem to work as advertised I can’t possibly award this product anything higher than an 8/10 silver award. A HDMI cable and not overstating the nTV service could well have helped the MediaHome V8 scored higher but an 8/10 certainly isn’t a bad score for this product given the competitiveness of the market.

HardwareLOOK awards the Noontec MediaHome V8 with an 8/10 Silver Award.