We have enjoyed testing this card extremely here at Hardwarelook. The card has really held its own standard. Compared to other graphics cards and the tests we put them under, this cards rarely shows signs of lag and never shows huge dropped in frame rates. This is a very powerful card. The best card we have ever had. It looks and performers amazingly.


  • Frame rates are very good quality
  • The price for value
  • Excellent cooling
  • Looks cool


  • Due to its performance the power consumption is good but it could be better.
  • Frame rates differ quite a lot of different resolutions

This is a brilliant card. The price of one of these cards are £200/324.906 USD. Some might say that’s expensive, but however for the performance you are getting with this card its value is very good.

This is an editors must buy!

Hardwarelook awards this card a Gold award:

Hardwarelook gold Award