Microlab H21 Introduction and Specs

The Microlab H21 2.1 is one of Microlab’s latest sound products available in its growing arsenal of sound systems. The H21 2.1 is within Microlab’s Bluetooth catalogue range and comes in a variety of colours which are all tanned and enclose the inner-subs.

Speaker systems having Bluetooth is a extremely handy tool to be able to utilise with your Bluetooth based devices, such as Android, Apple, laptops, tablets and other Bluetooth based products. The Microlab H21 speakers are the just bigger than the average speaker, but are very versatile and will be best place in offices, living rooms. Those of you will smaller households would love these H21’s as your sound setup, I can guarantee you. The Bluetooth connectivity really does make the Microlab H21’s stand out against other system you may be looking at. We are all always going for the best sound quality, of course, but the H21 system not only bring great loudness, but that extra Bluetooth connectivity that will make managing tracks played much easier. If you are someone who often has friends and family over or has many parties, I cannot stress how much easier it will be for you to manage your parties music and ever track on your phone, via your phone of Bluetooth device.

So take a quick look at the specs below and continue on and let us take a closer look at the H21 Bluetooth sound system from Microlab...


  • Wireless Bluetooth music entertainment; playback from any Bluetooth devices
  • Bookshelf stereo speakers for all room types
  • Bluetooth AVRCP and A2DP profiles supported
  • Powerful and clear sound
  • Support any digital media player with 3.5mm stereo connection

Technical Specifications

Amplifier specs

Output power

36, Watt RMS

Power distribution

18x2, Watt

Harmonic distortion

0,3, % (1Watt, 1kHz)

Frequency response

50-20 000, Hz

Signal/Noise ratio

70, dB


60, dB

Speakers specs

Tweeter driver type


Bass driver type













116x198x202 , mm

Product Net weight

4.7, kg