Introduction & Packaging

LEPA have been in the backseat when it comes to brand publicity for some years now, but we are starting to see a bit of a breakthrough happen with the company as it further advances in top power supplies. LEPA don’t have a vast range of computer cases, but they are building on this area, as you will see as we review the LEPA LPC302 ATX Mid-Tower case. It is not the most attractive and memorable of names, but hopefully the mid-range design can be more memorable.

If you are unaware, LEPA are Enermax’s little sister brand, that specifically target the low-end market to offer affordable products to those who either cannot afford £130 gaming cases, or just don’t want to pay that. While looking through the LEPA products, you may find that many are very similar to Enermax’s, that’s because they basically are, they have just been rebranded to populate more sales for the small LEPA brand.

Although the most expensive and popular gaming cases are the more well known and covered in the market, we see mid-tower budget cases being one of the most demanding products, as they hit the largest audience. With this in mind, we are interested to see how the LEPA LPC302 compares to other big players in its price range. We already know that the LPC302 comes with a tool-less installation process and plenty of cooling as it has 13 fan installation points.


  • Top 1x 3.5”/ 2.5” hot-swap dock (optional)
  • 8x expansion slots to support 3-way VGA card installation
  • Cable tie for advanced PSU securing
  • Bottom mounted PSU slot with removable dust filter
  • Silent operation
  • Noise dampening rubber strips for PSU installation
  • HDD tray with rubber grommets to reduce vibration noise
  • Easy installation    
  • Tool-less design for all devices
  • Cutout on M/B tray for quick CPU cooler maintenance
  • Cable management cutouts with rubber grommets to provide extra protection for cables
  • Removable HDD modules for high-end graphic card installation
  • Advanced cooling performance with up to 13x fan capacity
  • Front 3x12cm fan slots (Without the use of 2nd ODD)
  • Left side 6x12cm fan slots
  • Top 2x14/12cm fan slots
  • Rear 1x12cm fan slot
  • Bottom 1x14/12cm fan slot

This is the box which the Lepa 302 arrives in, as you can see from the box the leopard print cover represents the name.

Due to the case being in the general budget margin, we didn’t expect too much of a bundle from it. with the LEPA LPC302 you receive screws, the installation manual, two cable ties and the cases speaker. To keep up with other brands who offer better bundles with their mid-tower cases, LEPA is going to have to throw in a few more extra next time.