Final Thoughts & Conclusion

I wasn’t too sure what to expect for the Kingston HyperX 3K, as I haven’t yet heard too much hype about it, but the results proved to be great. I was really taken back at the fact that the HyperX 3K was able to stand tall with the big boys, the 3rd-gen SSD’s. Obviously, it still has a long way to go until it could get near the recently reviewed Vertex 4, but so do many. Although it did however trump all on the overall testing on PCMark7, where it really came alive.

If the Kingston HyperX 3K has to be compared to the others in our charts, we would have to say that with the astonishing second generation performance it kicks out, it is held to very high respect in our books. If only Kingston was able to bring the HyperX 3K SSD out around 8 months ago before some of the newer solid state drives became available with their more advance and powerful controllers, and the storage market was all just 2nd-gen, they would have completely topped the charts across the net and sold even more.

Kingston see sales go right up with this HyperX 3K on the market, because we are thinking that due to the low price and top speeds, so many users, gamers and general consumers who want a SSD for portable use, of which Kingston have assessed and attacked with the USB 2.0 enclosure, will be purchasing the HyperX 3K indefinitely.


In this ever evolving, fast paced and competitive market, price is always a key factor in your purchase, people are always willing to sacrifice a few MB/s if it’s going to knock off £30-50, and Kingston have certainly created a excellent price for performance Solid State Drive. The HyperX 3K only costs £187/$250, and with the results its outputting we would expect this SSD to be averagely priced at around £230/$359. It just shows how gigabytes and megabytes per pound (or dollar) are rapidly changing, and how companies are really trying their best to offer the best possible price to beat their rivals. The only factor that we will see, and in fact are starting to see effect SSD prices, is newer and different controllers that are starting to come into play. However, for now, as long as you go for the standardised SandForce SF-2218 controller, the price will stay relatively low, and ever start to get lower. So reselling in a year or two will most likely get you half the price for the SandForce SF-2218 controller drives you purchase now.


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Bottom Line

“The Kingston HyperX 3K handles the demanding needs of a gamer, but with low price for storage capacity”

HardwareLOOK awards the Kingston HyperX 3K with our Gold Award.