Today, we have the Keysonic KSK-3001 iBT Bluetooth Keyboard. It can be used with both iOS devices and Mac OSX but this version is aimed at your typical iOS user. It features a slimline design as well as all the necessary buttons for returning to the homescreen, search screen and also turning picture frame mode on. Let’s see how well the Keysonic KSK-3001 performs.


• Far-ranging and reliable Bluetooth transmission
• Modern, white design with flat notebook keys
• 11 hotkeys for Home Screen, Spotlight Search, Picture Frame Mode, Toggle Onscreen Keyboard, Backward, Play/ Pause, Forward, Mute, Volume -/+, Pairing and Lock Screen
• Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard
• Extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback due to high-quality X-Type membrane technology
• Status LEDs: blue for Pairing and red for Battery low <2V
• Plug & Play installation, no special driver necessary
• iOS4 compatible
• Available in various country layouts
• Appealing retail packaging
• Optimal for usage with iPads/ iPhones and other mobile devices