The In-Win XFrame is a great open frame chassis and the best one I have used to date. The XFrame utilizes every little space available; it is easy to get your hands all around and inside the product while having the biggest of hardware installed. It supports the biggest graphics cards and biggest motherboards. The best, and also my personal favourite feature of the XFrame has got to be the removable aluminium top motherboard platform. This makes the installation of CPU coolers a dream to work with, unlike our current open frame case which still requires us to remove the motherboard the same as a normal closed case.

But coming second best is the installation procedure for your HDD/SSD and optical drive, In-Win have create a all-in-one tool-less solution by allowing you to simply slide your drives into the bays via screws, and to lock in place and hold your drives securely, you are able to just pull down a lever and you’re done, it really couldn’t be easier and simpler.

The XFrame has the ability to be positioned in three different positions with the option of moving the I/O panel, which I have not seen anywhere else. The design caters for literally ever user looking to invest in an open case chassis.

Two things that I would say that the XFrame needs is to have its edges around the whole unit smoothed down, as the metal aluminium frame is sharp and cuts into the security rubber encasing on your cables. In addition, the cable storing and routing area underneath the top motherboard platform is great for the cables to lie, however in terms of cable management the XFrame could do with the insides of the blue frame having cable routs/cable push-in support. The cable ties work well of course, but it is just something In-Win could include to free-up the PSU cable area.

“In-Win have done exceedingly well with the XFrame and should lay claim that if you’re going to buy an open frame chassis, the In-Win XFrame should be your only way to go.” -HardwareLOOK


HardwareLOOK awards the In-Win XFrame a 10/10 Gold Award for great innovation.

For providing a brilliant quick and super easy physical installation experience and unique open frame chassis capabilities, HardwareLOOK awards the In-Win XFrame our Editors Choice Award.