The Hercules XPS101 2.1 sound system is a magnificent output for you music, games, and films. The XPS101 delivers a massive strength of bass in your room and makes your chest beat with the bass. That with the in-pack of the two smartly shaped and designed tweeters, that sound system brings a very high loudness level with extreme clarity. The Hercules XPS101 does all this while packing that quality into a quality looking design. Read on and see what the 2.1 XPS101 sound system looks like...

Subwoofer Specifications

  • With 3 Drivers
  • Main active driver
  • Dual passive pressure drivers
  • Metal plate
  • Analog amplifiers

Connectors underneath subwoofer

  1. RCA connector for the output to the satellites
  2. 3.5mm audio input connector
  3. 15 pin connector for the remote control
  4. Power adapter connector