Sniper M3 Introduction

The Gigabyte Sniper.M3 is the m-ATX motherboard up for review today. The Sniper.M3 is obviously part of Gigabytes G1-Killer series and is their first micro ATX to it as well. The Sniper.M3 is a small and powerful board, housing top exclusive Gigabyte features such as the new 3D BIOS (Dual UEFI), Gigabyte 3D Power and many more. The Sniper M3 has been design to “harnesses the outstanding performance of the new 3rd generation Intel Core Processors”. This may be true, however in comparison to other reviewers chart results, we see much better results using the now cheaper 2nd generation processor, the Intel Core 2600K, which is still very much the gamers favourite, more so due to the price drop since the release of the 3rd-gen CPU’s.

The Sniper.M3 is one of the latest Z77 chipset holding motherboards on the market and we are excited to test it out and see its performance.