The Dr.COOL Multi Functional router cooler from Evercool is apparently the World’s first patented router cooler. But, it also has the ability to be used with a wide range of devices such as tablet PCs, netbooks and portable hard drives, which makes the Dr.COOL cooler a very interesting product with a range of uses. Let’s see how well it performs.


• World's first specialized cooler for Routers and IP sharing devices with unique design. (Patent No: P097823 Taiwan).
• Cooled by one 8cm long-life silent fan that provides suitable airflow to avoid router overheat and thus network instability.
• Dr. Cool prevents the damage caused by heat during long operations, and extends the router's or IP sharing device's life expectancy.
• It is fitted with a multi-clip design to attach it to the router, making it very easy for any user to install.
• Dr Cool is a multi-functional cooler that can also be used on modems,2.5" portable hard disks, tablet PCs, Netbooks and other computer accessories besides routers or IP sharing devices.
• Dr Cool can be powered by either USB or a DC power transformer, making it more convenient for the use to pick one according to their personal needs or preferences.