Enermax DreamBass Genie Amplifier Review

As you can see the Enermax DreamBass Genie is a tiny little plug and play device that uses USB connectivity to impressively for price amplify your audio, weather you are using your ear buds, microphone, headphones or headset. The amplifier circuitry board is installed inside a glass tube and features both input and output ports at the front.

There not really much to know about the subject of the device. When in use the tube will glow blue on the side of your laptop. Obviously one thing that you have to keep in mind when using the DreamBass Genie, is to be careful not to wave your hand around your laptop and nock the device and brake it, but apart from that it tucks in nicely into your USB port and certainly make people ask questions when they see it. So all good on that front as everyone loves a bit of attention.