The launch of BitFenix over the past few weeks has certainly caught the eye with a promise to manufacture truly innovative products and to break the mould.

Dedicated to the gaming market and already with links to the KODE5 gaming revolution, the company has been busy promoting its name and telling consumers about BitFenix's approach and mindset. Moreover, the company has teamed up with GeIL and GIGABYTE to offer some great prizes for its new video contest.

So despite not having any products to show off as of yet, we thought it was high time we caught up with BitFenix's Business Development Manager, Coco Lee and find out a bit more...

HardwareLOOK: Firstly I must say congratulations on the launch of BitFenix! So first things first: what’s the thinking behind the name, BitFenix?

Coco Lee: "The name BitFenix came about with two concepts. “Bit” refers to all things digital and the digital lifestyle. “Fenix” is an alternate spelling for the mythical firebird, and the legend of rebirth speaks to the spirit of our company. Just getting the company off the ground has had its share of challenges that have knocked us down, but in the end, we always managed to pick ourselves up and carry forward. This spirit of persistence is what we want our products to carry, and as long as BitFenix users refuse to give up, their BitFenix hardware will keep on running right along with them."

HardwareLOOK: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your role at BitFenix?

Coco Lee: "My name is Coco Lee, and I’m the Business Development Manager here at BitFenix. My primary role is to look for opportunities to work with partners and put BitFenix products into the hands of as many people as possible. My main job is to choose the right partners for BitFenix to ensure that we are able to develop awesome products for BitFenix fans."

HardwareLOOK: As a new company, we’d be interested to learn a little more about the formation of BitFenix and its objectives. Could you give us a brief rundown?

Coco Lee: "As you work in the industry for a while, you eventually discover some like-minded people along the way. Many of them have their unique set of skills, and can bring their own insight and know-how to the table. We found out that a lot of us had some pretty neat ideas for products, but couldn’t really bring them to market for one reason or another. BitFenix was our chance to finally bring these product ideas to life. Our main objective is to design and produce some truly innovative computing products gaming and other high-end applications. We not only want to include novel features, but we also are focusing a lot on strong design for each of our products. I think when you see our first chassis, Colossus, you’ll understand exactly what I mean."

HardwareLOOK: With previous experience from companies such as ABIT and Cooler Master among your ranks, what has this experience taught you about the gaming market and what will you do differently?

Coco Lee: "Our experience in this market is that while many companies are trying to sell gamers a lot of glitz and flash, it’s not all about that. Sure the products have to look cool, but in the end, they should also have some tangible benefits for the end user. We want to make sure that each of our products offers something truly unique to the customer; we want to give them an edge. Working for great companies like ABIT and Cooler Master has shown just how this can be accomplished. For example, ABIT was a truly an innovator in motherboards back in the day, and a lot of this same spirit can be seen with the rise of BitFenix. We do things a bit differently, and I think this is something that gives us strength."

HardwareLOOK: Right from the off, BitFenix looks to be focusing on gaming grade hardware; Why are you so keen to enter this area of the market?

Coco Lee: "It’s really a matter of sticking to what you know. Many of us have been in the hardware and gaming industries for quite some time, and so we figured our best chance for success was to deliver products to a group that we are already familiar with. Besides that, there’s still a lot to be done in this space in terms of products, and I believe our team can deliver."