Asus Zenbook UX31 Continued

The Zenbook UX31 is equipped with either a Intel Core i7 2677M or a Intel Core i5 2557M Processor, which are both second generation processors, so power is also there with its spectacular exterior design to match. The clock speed of the i5 2557M at stock is 1.6 GHz of which can be accelerated by the turbo boost and the clock speed will boost to 2.7GHz. Obviously the i7 version will offer better performance, with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz which can turbo boost up to 2.9 GHz.

4GB is normally enough for a non-gaming laptop, and you can upgrade the RAM is you feel necessary. This ultrabook has a solid state drive which you can choose the capacity out of either 218 or 256GB, but with this high end ultrabook, it as a special feature of shock resistance added to safe guard the SSD. With the Zenbook offering Intel Core i7 processor and high ram plus SSD support makes this ultrabook one of the fastest on the market.

Asus could have made this model thinner most likely but has been restricted but the mini-VGA port, which of course has to be a certain size limit it has to be.


The Zenbook UX31 has a surprisingly small power adapter and a slim brown laptop bag included, which is almost the same as you get with the UX21. In addition, there is a USB to RJ45 and also the mini-VGA to VGA adapter, but unfortunately no adapter for HDMI in the box. For such a large investment into your notebook, I expected a few more adapters and possibly a small external mouse supplied.


This CPU inside the UX31 model is the same processor that is used in a Macbook Air. The UX31 processor has integrated Intel Graphics HD 3000 discrete graphics solution. You will not be able to play the latest PC games on medium or high settings with the Zenbook UX31, so don’t try. The GPU is clocked in idle to 350MHz. All users will be able to upgrade and remove RAM due to the main boards memory being soldered directly on to the motherboard which enables even more weight and also size to be reduced.

Sound Quality

“Another ASUS exclusive, SonicMaster technology was co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower to deliver breathtaking, lifelike audio that far exceeds the limitations of conventional notebook PC sound performance. Deeper, more impactful and wider in range, SonicMaster delivers four times the sound output of other ultrabooks without increasing the size or weight of the form factor.”

The sound quality is good, often many notebooks lack in clarity. The Zenbook doesn’t give bass that I’m going to write home about as you would exact, but what it obviously lacks in bass, it makes up for with great audio clarity in movies and in music, with a nice dynamic range.

Battery Life

Let’s get into one of the most important things that we like to know the battery life. The battery life Asus claim that the Zenbook can run 25% longer than the generic notebooks, last a maximum of 7 hours. Normally during run time we often find the amount of hours is quite often, much lower than the claim. But the Zenbook UX31 did well, last a full 6 hours and 10 minutes, however this was with the brightness level set to just 70%, but we were running constant Wi-Fi and ran one films for 1 hour and 45 minutes of that time. The Macbook Air, which we are enjoying comparing the Zenbook as they are similar, only runs around 5 hours.

Operating System

The Zenbook Asus UX31 is sold with Windows 7 pre-installed on 64-bit Professional, Home Premium or Home Basic. Asus also include number of various programs for hardware management, increasing or decreasing performance.