Introduction & P531 Headset

Arctic cooling is recognised as one of the leading manufactures in the industry for cooling technology. As time goes on Arctic are pushing themselves more and more to develop better products for the peripheral side of things. It’s about time they have more to offer then just cooling “tech”. When you think of Arctic, you never think of a company to make top quality headsets, you would normally choose a brand you can completely relay on, however Arctic are getting increasing better with their development lately and we are very interested in what each new product can deliver.  These are the Arctic Sound P531 5.1 surround sound gaming headset; let’s see what quality they can offer us today.


The packaging shows off the product and its control switch, and also that it’s connected via USB nicely. The headset works with Windows 7/vista/XP.

Arctic Sound P531Arctic Sound P531

The back shows off its positions and features of which we will get into in just a second. Inside includes the DVD software that you have to install to get the real performance out of this headset. The back has all the technical data.

Arctic Sound P531 technical data