Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Esbern Official Fix!

Hello to all you frustrated Skyrim fans on PC. As you may know by now by now, Skyrim has had plenty of glitches already. One of the biggest glitches is the Skyrim Esbern error on the mission Cornered Rat . Well we have gone through the trouble to provide you with a very fast fix. Normally you would have to go round the internet for hours to try and find a solution, but we have may it simple and easy for you.

The problem occurs with the .BSA files in the installation directory. There are two files named “Skyrim – Voices” and also “Skyrim - VoicesExtra”. The plain Voices file contains 1.35GB of data for all of the voices and dialogue in the game...apart from Esbern’s. For some strange reason the programmers have created a separate .BSA file for all of Esbern’s dialogue, which is causes all kinds of hell in the game, such as people managing to get passed the door not opening situation by going out the dungeon and coming back in again, but he still doesn’t speak, and then to Esbern continuously rubbing himself and pulling books out of his arse.

All of this can be solved with one simple fix for you, so here you go...

Download this file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2ASM0DIE

  • Open up your Skyrim installation directory
  • Open up Data folder
  • Extract/unrar  the downloaded file
  • Copy and paste the sound folder from the download into your Skyrim’s data folder

Done! All working!

Important note: copy and paste the sound folder. Not the whole folder the sound is located in. 


We have included two YouTube videos from users showing the problems that occur on PC.

Here the initial error that occurs with Esbern...

Here is a secondary error that will completely stop continuation of this story mode if you actually manage to get out of the gungeon with Esbern, which I thought you might like to see, as its quite funny, but im glad it wasn't me...

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