Xbox 360 Controller Support For Mass Effect 3 Official Fix!

With the new release of Mass Effect 3 millions have flocked to get their copy on Xbox 360,PS3 and PC. Unfortunately for those using the PC version who prefer to use a Xbox 360 controller on Mass Effect 3 or other gamepad to play their titles on, you will not be able to as BioWare did not include external controller support.

At EURO Gamer this 2012 the brand Razor revealed their new custom Razor Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Controller which is of is going to cost money. However we at HardwareLOOK have provided you the solution to all your thousands out their look for a mod, patch or something.

Download the Xpadder emulator software which can be found at and costs around £5-10. below is the profile for Mass Effect 3 to work with Xbox 360 controller...


!Copy and paste the below link into your Internet browser!


The video below will show you how to open up Xpadder and find the pre-configured file I have made for you, for Mass Effect 3 PC.

Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Button Assignment

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