For those readers, who came here looking for the top10 skyrim mods, you can skip directly to the reviews. Those who are wondering what Skyrim is, it’s the 5th game in the elder scrolls series.

The first four being Arena, Dagger Fall, Morrowind and Oblivion respectively.
It is a sequel of the story about the continent of Tamriel, on the planet Nirn.
There is no one compilation of all information pertaining to the Elder Scrolls world, and, within the games, historical references are often vague. Players are encouraged to draw their own conclusions about situations and events for which the records are distributed, contravened, or partial.

In this game sequel, a section of monks devote their lives to the reading and depicting the Elder Scrolls. Advanced members who read the scrolls wear blindfolds at all times when they are not perceiving the scrolls' content. Retired Moth Priests are completely blind, and continue to wear blindfolds for ceremonial purposes. However, cosmically-important individuals, or individuals that are the subject of prophecy, have been able to see writing on the Elder Scrolls without the associated rituals. There is a book entitled "Lost Histories of Tamriel" provides further insight on the Elder Scrolls, stating that when any event has actually occurred, it sets itself unchangeably into the scrolls, and no action, magical or otherwise, can alter this.

Whereas, the game play of Skyrim is engaging enough as it is, the mods available for skyrim can transform the game from a super-engaging RPG to a well…modified super-engaging RPG. Skipping the jokes, allow us to introduce the top 10 skyrim mods.

1)      The Tytanis: This is ultimately the best module. Differentiating through the hundreds of available mods for skyrim can be a daring job, especially when you are a debutant. The Tytanis Mod seeks to put an end to the confusion by combining as many of the most useful additions and tweaks centering around in-game crafting in one place. More importantly, it also adds new spells, tomes, and equipment to your crafting abilities.,-Items,-Spells-Mod-v1.02

2)      Thu’uMic: This is a mod that should have been in the game from the start. It gives you the ability to use your voice to “cast” dragon shouts in game, making combat a much smoother experience. You need to use your microphone hooked to your pc for this.


3)      Make a 3D skyrim map: The world map in skyrim is visually awesome, but by installing this mod players can turn it into a 3D powerhouse as seen in Google Street view. It’s incredibly helpful when trying to find landmarks for specific quests.

4)      Glowing Ore Veins: While not containing the “wow” factor of the other members of the list, the glowing ore wein mod is indispensable, especially to gamers that plan on mining and smelting ore to create weapons. The original textures of ore veins in the game are pretty dull, which can make them hard to see . (download link)


5)      Homage to the Legend Of  Zelda: In this mod characters can be witnessed wielding the Master Sword and Hylian shield from the Legend of zelda series. indeed as it’s not that big of a stretch to imagine the world of skyrim is the legendary land of Hyrule. The best part of the mod is that it’s an easy install that users of all levels can get working on their rigs.


6)      New power metal game intro: Sometimes a person needs to get fired up to go get business done inside the world of skyrim. It’s similar to any strategical war game where there is a powerful metal intro to add to the gaming pleasure. This can be taken care of with the power metal intro sound mod. It changes the intro music to a power metal remix version that’s really cool and deserves good compliment.


7)      Sky User Interface: Sky UI is one of the see it-feel it like mods. The team behind the add-on set out to improve the game’s interactive menus in a way that was faithful to Bethesda’s creation, but also makes it easier to navigate. This one of those elusive mods that adds some simple changes that improve the game experience drastically.


8)      Weapons of the third era: This weapon mod appeals to us geeks with an inner soliloquy of fantasy backstory taken from novels like the Lord of the Rings. Inspired by past chapters of the Elder Scrolls series, the author of the mod noted that most of the citizens of morrowind had moved into skyrim for safety, bringing with them the traditional knowledge of creating some impressive arms.

9)      Enhanced night Skyrim: One of the most delighting things about playing skyrim is real-life visuals that’s available in the form of pretty landscapes and awesome looking dragons. While this mod is not a must-have by any means, it makes looking at the night sky much more interesting. The result is a spectacular display of the cosmos above your head while exploring


10)  It’s not Spiders anymore, It’s spiderman! : This is a humorous mod that actually aids the shrill, girl like screams when experiencing one of the many arachnids in the game. The mod’s author weighted a spider-man texture to a spiders frame in the game.


Many more new and exclusive mods of this game are expected to be released yet. If you are expecting to get the game within the year’s end or if you already possess it and searching for advice on which mods to use, this article must give you a nice over-view of the game. So enjoy the stunning game and keep modding!